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What issues should be considered when welding automotive wire harnesses using ultrasonic wire harness welding machines?

Release time:2019-09-10

There are many benefits to ultrasonic car wire harness welding, but at the same time, what should be considered in ultrasonic car wire harness welding? What are there?

The following issues must be considered for ultrasonic welding of automotive wiring harnesses:  

1. It is best not to tin or galvanized cable wires, although they can be soldered under certain conditions, the effect will still be compromised (the same square diameter of wire requires different welding power levels, and the welding power of tin plated wire is significantly higher, and tin plated copper wire is harder and easier to break than copper wire).  2. Select the model based on the product of the cross-sectional area of the cable. Ultrasonic wire harness welding machineNC-X2020EApplicable welding wire cross-sectional area is0.5-15mm;


Ultrasonic wire harness welding machineTechnical requirements, according toIPCStandard:

A. aStandard ultrasonic welded wire harness with a width to thickness ratio between1: 1and2: 1Between;

B. bThe cable must not show any discoloration;

C. cThe contour of the strand can be recognized on the pressurized surface, but there are no loose strands, in other words, there must be no burrs.

DAfter welding, the wiring harness must not be disconnected Therefore, based on the above standards and the multi specification requirements of automotive wire harness manufacturing.

There are the following technical standards for ultrasonic wire harness welding machines:

1. The ultrasonic power is continuously adjustable. Due to the loss of ultrasonic energy in the thickness direction of the wire beam, the required ultrasonic mold power is higher for thicker wire junctions. The ultrasonic power is continuously adjustable and can also prevent discoloration of the surface of cables of different areas. Same machine, welding1 mmAnd welding15 mmWhen wiring harnesses, power adjustment is necessary to ensure the perfect welding of the harnesses.

2. Clearance requirements for wire head fixtures≤ 0.02mm. Ultrasonic welding is of high energy density, and large gaps can cause wire jamming.3. Quality control software. Require the machine to make quality judgments on each solder joint: distinguish under what circumstances it is a welding defect, under what circumstances it is a missing line, etc., and issue warnings.

Shenzhen Shenfayuan Precision Technology Co., LtdAs a professional manufacturerUltrasonic metal welding machineThe manufacturer reminds friends to remember the issues that need to be paid attention to when welding ultrasonic car wire harnesses, and to choose a more professional manufacturer for consultation!

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