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Structural characteristics and technical requirements of ultrasonic wire harness welding machine knowledge points

Release time:2019-09-11

Structural characteristics and technical requirements of ultrasonic wire harness welding machine knowledge points

Structural features:

Ultrasonic wire harness welding machineIt consists of two parts: a machine and an ultrasonic power generator.

1. The machine consists of a chassis, guide pillars, transducers, pneumatic systems, PC circuits, and bottom molds.

2. The sound component consists of two parts: a transducer and a welding head. The transducer uses a piezoelectric oscillator, which converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration. A transformer is analogous to a transformer in a circuit, playing a role in mechanical damping transformation and amplitude amplification. The welding head is designed according to the welding requirements and the shape of the workpiece, and it also plays a role in secondary impedance transformation and amplitude amplification. From the perspective of structure and shape, the welding head is not complicated, but it requires the best design, materials, and processing techniques. Welding heads with complex shapes and large sizes are difficult to design and are generally designed by manufacturing plants.

3. The air pressure system is powered by compressed air and switches circuits through solenoid valves, pushing the cylinder piston to drive the welding head to move up and down. Use a pressure regulating valve to control the pressure, and use a one-way throttle valve to control the lifting speed.

4. Control circuit

The control circuit performs program control on the welding process. The function keys on the panel can be used to set the welding time and delay time according to different objects being welded. Then, by pressing the foot switch, the welding machine will automatically complete one welding process.

5. The ultrasonic power generator provides electrical power to the sound component. Due to significant changes in the resonant frequency and impedance of the acoustic components during the welding process, the ultrasonic power generator must have the ability to automatically track the frequency and adjust the output power according to the load. The NC-3000 ultrasonic metal spot welding machine adopts external oscillation; Automatic frequency tracking using phase method; Constant vibration speed control.


Technical requirements for ultrasonic wire harness welding machine

 according toIPCStandard:Wire harnesses requiring ultrasonic welding, with a width to thickness ratio between1: 1and2: 1Between;The wire must not show any discoloration;The contour of the strand can be identified on the pressurized surface, but there are no loose strands.

 Therefore, based on the above requirements and the multi specification requirements for automotive wire harness production, there are the following technical requirements for ultrasonic wire harness welding machines:

 1. The ultrasonic amplitude is continuously adjustable. Due to the attenuation of ultrasonic energy in the thickness direction of the wire beam, the thicker the wire junction, the greater the required welding head amplitude. The ultrasonic amplitude is continuously adjustable and can also avoid discoloration on the surface of wires of different areas. Same machine, welding1mm ²And welding25mm ²When wiring harnesses, the amplitude parameters are basically different30%.

 2. Gap requirements for wire head fixtures:≤ 0.02mm. Ultrasonic welding is high-energy density, and large gaps can cause wire jamming.

 3. Quality control software. Require the machine to make quality judgments on each solder joint: distinguish under what circumstances it is a welding defect, under what circumstances it is a missing line, etc., and issue warnings. This also requires ultrasonic welding to have an energy control mode.

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