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"Characteristics and advantages" of ultrasonic wire harness welding machine knowledge points

Release time:2019-09-11

Ultrasonic wire harness welding machineKnowledge points“Features and advantages


No need for flux or external heating, no deformation due to heating, no residual stress, and low requirements for pre weld treatment of the welded surface. Not only similar metals, but also dissimilar metals can be welded together. Thin sheets or fine wires can be welded onto thick plates. Ultrasonic welding has much less energy for good conductive materials than current welding, and is commonly used for the welding of leads in transistors or integrated circuits. When used for sealing welding of drugs and explosive materials, it can avoid contaminating drugs due to dissolved objects in general welding, and will not explode due to heating, etc. It is the use of ultrasonic waves to weld metal wires. It consists of a power box, a transducer, a pneumatic host, and a tool head. In addition, it also includes control components such as hubs, wire measuring devices, and microprocessors. The power box can handle the usual external voltage (220V, 1) Φ, Convert from 50 or 60Hz to a voltage of 20000Hz (20KHz) and 1000V, and then adjust and control the output by the power box to act on the transducer. A transducer is an efficient electrical component that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Compared with ordinary motors, transducers have two main differences: first, they convert electrical energy into linear vibration rather than rotation; Secondly, its work efficiency is very high, able to convert 95% of electrical energy. After being converted by a transducer, mechanical energy is applied to the welding head. Ultrasonic welding heads are made of titanium alloy and processed into specific shapes based on acoustic principles, ensuring maximum energy transfer.



The most important advantage of ultrasonic welding is its lower temperature. The generation of temperature is inevitable, it is only generated by friction, which is equivalent to 1/3 or 1/2 of the melting point of a metal. At the low temperature generated during the welding process, the metal wire retains its original performance due to the annealing process and the fact that the low temperature does not damage the insulation of the wire; In addition, lower temperatures also mean that very thin metal can be welded onto thick metal without causing damage to the thin metal. These are all very important in bundle production.

Most metals used in electrical products have good thermal conductivity, making it difficult to weld using melting methods. Because heat is quickly dissipated from the metal surface, more heat needs to be applied to supplement the welding process. Ultrasonic welding has not encountered these problems. In fact, due to the absence of melting, the energy of ultrasonic welding is only 1/30 of that of resistance welding. In other words, an ultrasonic welding machine with a power of 3KW can complete the work that resistance welding requires 90KVA to complete, so the cost in the work is also obvious.

Ultrasonic welding is a mechanical process where no current flows through the workpiece, so the conductivity of the metal is not affected. Metal surfaces usually have pollutants and oxide layers attached, which can be usedUltrasonic wire harness welding machineUltrasonic vibration can directly crush and remove attachments without the need for pre-treatment of the metal surface. Another important advantage of ultrasonic welding is the long service life of the workpiece. The welding head of the ultrasonic wire harness machine has four working faces, which reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment in the later stage.

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