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The development path of wire harness machine accessories

Release time:2019-09-12

With clearer market demand and the improvement of new energy vehicle technology, enhanced vehicle performance, and more complete battery and motor supporting services, the new energy vehicle industry is expected to usher in a second wave of high-speed development, bringing new opportunities for the upgrading of automotive wiring harness technology. This will gradually transform the domestic automotive wiring harness market from a low-cost strategic market to a more technologically advanced cost-effective market, and also promote the vigorous development of the wiring harness industry, triggering a new wave of upgrading in wiring harness technology, processing technology, and processing equipment.

Analysis of domestic and international wire harness processing equipment market

Overall, wire harness processing is an extremely mature industry, but this industry, which has been around for over 30 years, is still constrained by labor and skilled workers. Low cost human labor processing is no longer the main factor in attracting customers in today's manufacturing industry. Especially in the automotive manufacturing industry, which requires high consistency, more and more mechanical intervention and fewer manual processes are taking efficiency, yield, consistency, and overall costs to new heights. How to increase the proportion of automated production and mechanical manufacturing, rather than changing the labor production mode, has become a new issue in the wire harness processing industry.

The relatively advanced wire harness processing equipment in foreign countries is partly due to the early start of the automotive industry in their respective regions, and almost all equipment manufacturers have accumulated years of corresponding strong application technology. Coupled with long-term market polishing, it is the driving force for them to continuously invest in research and development and continuously lead the technology. On the other hand, the brand recognition and quality recognition established by imported equipment manufacturers and foreign and joint venture wire harness factories on the basis of previous cooperation, especially high technical recognition, make imported equipment occupy a large share in the Chinese market, such as Shenzhen Shenfayuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
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