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Common problems with automated welding machines

Release time:2019-09-12

Automated welding machineDelay time setting:

1. Adjust the start vibration time to start vibration within 0-9.99 seconds after limiting the start of the workpiece.

2. Welding time setting: Adjust the welding time and vibrate within the range of 0 to 9.99 seconds at the end of the delay time.

3. Hardening time setting: Adjust the melting, cooling, and shaping time of the workpiece at the end of vibration to be within the range of 0-9.99 seconds

4. Counter: used for recording the number of working cycles, with a reset button attached.

5. Adjustment and pressure gauge: used to indicate and adjust the working pressure setting. 6. Audio adjustment: Adjust the resonance matching between the vibration subsystem and the vibration circuit to achieve ideal conversion efficiency. 7. Amplitude meter: displays the strength of the amplitude of the sound wave under no-load or load operation. 8. Power switch and light: Control of power switch and indicator light for open circuit.

Common faults and solutions of ultrasonic welding machines

1、 Reason for no display when turning on the power: The fuse is blown. Solution: 1. Check if the power transistor is short circuited; 2. Replace the fuse.

2、 Reason for no current display in ultrasonic testing: 1. Power tube burnt out; 2. High voltage capacitor burnout; 3. There is a malfunction in the relay control circuit. Solution: Replace the relevant burnt parts.

3、 The reason for the high current and overload in the acoustic wave test is: 1. The welding head is not locked or has cracks; 2. If there is no welding head and the current is high, the transducer or secondary rod may age or have cracks; 3. Power transistor characteristics may vary or burn out; 4. There is a malfunction in the power amplification circuit. Solution: Replace relevant parts.
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