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Operating instructions for ultrasonic terminal welding machine

Release time:2019-09-23

Shenzhen Shenfayuan will explain to you aboutUltrasonic terminal welding machineOperating instructions, friends who are not yet familiar with it, let's take a look together!


1. Preparation work:

(1) Check if the machine accessories are complete and equipped with an air source.

The machine is equipped with: generator, machine, four core power cord, five core control cord, two core transducer cord, and three core foot pedal cord. When installing the machine, ensure that the connecting wires are correct.

(2) Connect the power cord with three live wires and one neutral wire at one end. They are labeled as L and N. A four core socket is connected to the generator.

(3) Insert the air source and ensure that the air pressure is between 0.5 and 0.6 Mpa through the pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge

(4) Connect the connecting wires to the generator and the socket on the machine, turn on the power button, and the indicator light will light up.

2. Introduction to the functions of the generator panel:

(1) Power button button: Power on, press the power button, and the power indicator light will light up

(2) Positioning button key: Press the positioning button, and the machine will operate without ultrasonic waves

(3) Adjustment knob key: used to set the power size and time value: (0-9)

(4) Function selection key: Determine the selection function and parameter settings for ultrasonic terminal welding machine

(5) Function indicator light: Indicating function. Power: P and time: T

(6) Alarm indicator light: The alarm function includes voltage: U current: I power: P

(7) F table: used for reference welding head frequency (also known as amplitude table). The range of the amplitude table is about 0.3. The pointer indicates at position 0 when turned on.

(8) Sound test button: Test whether the frequency is normal

(9) Frequency adjustment: A frequency tuner is used to change the frequency of the driving signal of a generator. The function is to calibrate the frequency of the generator and transducer.

The inner range is 0-9, and the outer range is 0-10. In unknown situations, the benchmark is internal 5 and external 0.

(10) Digital display tube: display power and time numerical values, ultrasonic terminal welding machine?

3. Introduction to the functions of the machine panel

(1) Pressure regulating valve: adjusts the size of the air pressure

(2) Barometer: displays the numerical value of air pressure

(3) Positioning button: The function is the same as the positioning button on the generator panel

(4) Adjusting the knob: Determine the line width and height based on the size of the line diameter.

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