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Analysis on the Classification and Hazards of "Unfused Welding" by Shenzhen Automation Welding Machine Deep Source Manufacturers

Release time:2020-07-17

During the welding process, defects caused by incomplete fusion between the weld metal and the base metal or incomplete fusion between the weld metal and the weld metal are called non fusion. ShenzhenAutomated welding machineLet's discuss and exchange ideas on the classification and hazards of "incomplete fusion" among the manufacturers of Deep Source.

1、 Comprehensive classification

Welding fusion can be divided into interlayer fusion, groove fusion (sidewall fusion), and root fusion. As shown in the figure below, the end fusion of the three types of welds is displayed. Fusion usually occurs at the root of the weld, between layers, between the weld and the base metal groove, between the weld and the base metal overflow, or between weld nodules.


2、 Non fusion danger

Cracks are a type of regional defect, where the non melting of the groove side and the non melting of the root significantly reduce the cross-sectional area of the bearing capacity. The degree of stress concentration is more severe, and the harm is second only to cracks.

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6. Welding height protection setting to prevent empty welding


model SFY-SD-D3000 SFY-SD-D4000 SFY-SD-D6000
source 200-240VAC 200-240VAC 380VAC
working frequency 20KHZ 20KHZ 20KHZ
Maximum output power 3000W 4000W 6000W
Maximum current 10A 16A 20A
Input compressed air 0.65MPa 0.65MPa 0.65MPa
Chassis size(Mm) 240 * 475 * 205 240 * 475 * 205 240 * 475 * 205
Mechanical dimensions(Mm) 730 * 380 * 370 730 * 380 * 370 730 * 380 * 370
Chassis weight 13KG 13KG 15KG
Mechanical weight 92KG 92KG 106KG
Welding diameter 3m㎡ -12m ㎡ 5m㎡-25m ㎡ 10m㎡ -50m ㎡

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