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Functional power of intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machine

Release time:2022-06-17

Because the power or function of the intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machine is relatively strong,Automatic feeding terminal welding machine,If unprofessional welding personnel must use it steadily during the operation process, in order to better operate the welding machine, I will explain to you the three key points to pay attention to in order to better grasp the welding of intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machines:

1. Because welding is not something that can be easily mastered in a short period of time, but rather something that requires us to constantly consider and practice in our daily lives. It is best to have professional technical personnel provide training and guidance to operate spot welding machines more professionally.

2. How to connect the welding machine. We all know that a resistance welding machine is a three-phase electric machine. The welding wire is connected to the grounding wire, and there are two wire outlets for the welding machine, one of which needs to be successfully grounded. Before welding, it is necessary to ensure that the grounding wire and the part to be welded are connected and within a conductor, otherwise the work cannot be started.

3. Insulated shoes, professional gloves, and a face mask should be worn before welding operations. Before spot welding, the welding machine should first test the current, as it has a significant impact on the quality of the welding. In addition, all aspects of the welding machine should be adjusted and confirmed to be correct before proceeding with the operation.

During the use of intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machines, sometimes overheating occurs, which is also one of the common equipment problems of intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machines. Below, the editor will introduce how to solve this overheating phenomenon.

1. Check whether the insulation resistance between the electrode holder of the intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machine and the body of the spot welding machine is normal and whether there is a short circuit;

2. Check if the inlet pressure, water flow rate, and water supply temperature of the cooling system are suitable, and also check if there are any dirt blockages in the water cooling system;

3. Check if the copper flexible joint, electrode arm, electrode rod, and electrode head combat surface can oxidize severely;

4. Check whether the cross-section of the electrode head can increase too much due to wear, and whether the welding thickness and load continuity can exceed the limit, thereby causing the welding machine to overload and generate heat.

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