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All-in-one machine
All-in-one machine
  • All-in-one machine
  • All-in-one machine
All-in-one machine

Ultrasonic wheel welding machine is mainly used to achieve the adhesion of composite current collector plates and upper and lower foil materials, meeting the requirements of continuous welding. It can also achieve welding of 2-6 layers of pure foil material; High welding strength, less prone to perforation, and stable continuous welding characteristics.

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The functions of slitting, rolling welding, and gluing are integrated into the machine using an imported closed-loop correction system, which is efficient and stable. The multi-stage servo synchronous feeding system is high-speed and stable

Closed loop tension system, tension jump ≤ 3N (set value<80N) CCD detection feedback system, real-time detection feedback correction of marked defective welding data, power curve real-time monitoring

Accurate quantitative and constant speed adhesive coating, meeting the scraping process in the temperature range of 20-200 ° C


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