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How many functions does the automatic feeding terminal welding machine play on the production line?

Release time:2021-01-07

At the beginning of the "robot transformation", many enterprises have already embarked on the "no return" path of non-standard automation equipment in factories, and unmanned factories seem to have gradually become the development trend of future factories. However, fully automated assembly lines are scattered among large enterprises. Despite the government's strong promotion of robot replacement policies, many enterprises have received subsidies from the government and simply "hang" their equipment in production workshops.

Unmanned factories, fully automated assembly lines, robots

1: Introducing robots is to carry out automation upgrading and transformation

The application of robots is a representative aspect of automation advancement. But it doesn't mean being able to handle all the problems. Pneumatic hydraulic control and automation of non-standard equipment are also very important methods for achieving automation. Especially for some special applications that robots cannot handle, non-standard automation equipment is the answer. Automation advancement and transformation should not only focus on robots, but also take multiple approaches.

2: The robot can be used once purchased

As an intelligent device, robots cannot be simply debugged and used. Assuming negligence in the development (or secondary development) and use of robots, it will lead to many robots being purchased and not used properly or not being used properly. Using robots and sports advice as an analogy, a group of good luck suggestions (robots) combined with a good coach (system integrator) are the elements that make the entire team (enterprise) win.

3: Automation promotion and transformation can be achieved in one step

The actual advancement of automation transformation is not just a simple workstation or machine replacement, but a highly chaotic system engineering. Automation transformation needs to be carried out within our capabilities, starting from relatively old automation technologies to preliminary ones, starting from parts of the factory that urgently need to be upgraded, and gradually progressing. We must not pursue one-step implementation.

4: Any process can be replaced by automated equipment

The products produced using automated production lines should have sufficient production capacity; The product design and process should be advanced, stable, reliable, and firmly adhere to the same principles for a long period of time. Not all processes are suitable for automation transformation. Choosing automatic production lines in large quantities and many productions has significant economic benefits.

5: The completion of automation transformation is the completion of Industry 4.0

Recently, the concept of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 has been very hot, causing many enterprises to blindly follow the trend. Manufacturing enterprises should pay more attention to practical technology and problem-solving plans. When it comes to general processing automation centered on information technology, the Industry 4.0 era will also emerge.

So, assuming that enterprises need to use industrial robot systems, the first thing they need to do is analyze their production process and understand their own needs.

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