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The influence of air pressure on ultrasonic metal welding

Release time:2021-06-30

In ultrasonic metal welding, air pressure is transmitted through the sound electrode to oscillate ultrasonic waves onto the welded part. Different data sets determine the amount of pressure required during welding, and selecting an appropriate pressure value has a significant impact on the welding results.
The air pressure is an important factor that directly affects the dynamic mechanical impedance of the oscillation system and the degree of deformation of the welded part. The pressure function is to directly transfer ultrasonic energy to the welded part. If the pressure is zero, the welded part will not receive ultrasonic energy.
If the air pressure is too small, it will cause ultrasonic oscillation to not be transmitted well to the welded part, resulting in a lack of conflict between the welded part and the welding surface. A large part of the energy will be consumed on the surface sliding, which will inevitably not form an effective welding connection. Only when the pressure increases to the point where plastic activity can form in the data, can a fusion zone be formed.
If the air pressure is too high, it will lead to the unreasonable use of oscillating energy, causing the welding data to collapse and form a weakened cross-section, resulting in a decrease in welding strength, excessive conflict force, weakened conflict motion between welded parts, and even affecting the amplitude. This will not increase the connection area between welded parts but decrease, and the strength of the welded joints will also decrease.
So in practical applicationUltrasonic metal welding machineWhen welding parameters are interdependent, Deep Source Ultrasonic advocates that the gas pressure value can be selected through experimental drawing of critical curves based on the thickness, hardness, and ultrasonic power used in the product data.

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