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The usage method of automatic welding machine for tube plate

Release time:2021-06-30

In large-scale thermal fluid exchange equipment, regulation is a necessary exchange pathway. Small diameter volume heat exchange devices can be equipped with skilled argon arc welding, but for large equipment, each tube plate is controlled in the thousands or more during welding. This large volume relies on simple welding techniques to form solder leakage, resulting in low welding power. Therefore, the tube plate argon arc welding machine is the welding method for such equipment.

Remove dirt such as oxide film, rust, oil stains, water, etc. from the surface of the tube plate and within 100mm of the end of the heat exchange tube. Low alloy steel and carbon steel generally use wire brushes, while stainless steel should be cleaned with stainless steel wire brushes, and then the grooves should be wiped with acetone to remove oil stains.

The sorted welded parts should be assembled and welded as soon as possible, and the parking time should not exceed 24 hours.

Check the installation quality and scale of the heat exchange tube. The exposed length of the tube head should be uniform, without any unevenness, and avoid forcibly assembling and exposing the tube head. Generally, cerium tungsten electrodes are used as tungsten electrodes.

It is necessary to remove oil rust before welding with filler wire. After sorting, it should be properly stored and placed in a dry place for easy use and retrieval. The placement time of the sorted welding wire should not exceed the length, otherwise it should be reorganized.

Welding should be carried out indoors in a clean and windless environment, and outdoor welding should be protected by a windproof shed. If there are any of the following conditions and no effective protective measures, welding should be stopped. When positioning welding, welding wires of the same brand and welding process as the formal welding of the product should be selected.

  Automatic feeding terminal welding machineWhen welding, it is necessary to display the job interface. If the program is not pre-set, it is necessary to set the program first.

Adjust the machine head to the required position and use appropriate tools to adjust the position of the tungsten electrode and wire guide nozzle.

A. Press the start button to investigate the welding condition until the welding of the pipe head is completed.

B. When the argon gas stagnation is complete, all the heads should be pulled out and adjusted to the next position.

C. After welding a hole, the machine head is not allowed to be placed inside the pipe and it is necessary to pull it out.

Do not turn on high frequency when there is no workpiece or when the tungsten electrode is away from the workpiece.

Weld one layer without wire filling, and fill the second layer with wire. Pulse width adjustment scale: 20% -40%; Pulse frequency conditioning scale: 0.2-5 times/second; Machine head rotation time adjustment scale: 12 seconds Machine head welding wire feeding speed: 100-2500mm/min; Welding wire 0.8-1.mm; Argon gas consumption: If it is less than 15 liters, it is necessary to choose hydrogen argon mixture gas as the gas for pulse mode welding. The hydrogen argon mixture plays a reducing role.

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