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What are the advantages of ultrasonic automatic feeding terminal welding machine?

Release time:2019-09-10

Ultrasonic automatic feeding terminal welding machine


The ultrasonic automatic feeding terminal welding machine is applied to the welding of various copper terminals and wire harnesses.

The wiring harness does not need to be reshaped, it can be directly1Connection between one or more wire harnesses and terminals;

The width of the welding can be controlled, and the entire plate of materials can be assembled to achieve automatic feeding, cutting, and welding cycles.


Safety alarm device

Easy to operate and maintain

Low energy consumption and low processing costs

Stable and reliable welding quality with high efficiency

Fully monitor every welding process to ensure quality

Welding height protection setting to prevent empty welding

Main features of computer control box:

Password protection function

Copy and share welding parameters

Real time monitoring of each set of welding parameters and online control

Display welding combinations and total welding square to prevent welding errors

Project number search function, convenient for calling welding parameters

Height detection before and after welding for each group to prevent welding errors

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