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Which is a good Shenzhen ultrasonic terminal welding machine?

Release time:2019-09-10

Ultrasonic terminal welding machineWorking principle: High frequency vibration waves (tens of thousands of times per second) are transmitted to two metal surfaces that need to be welded. Under pressure, the two metal surfaces rub against each other to form fusion between molecular layers. The entire welding process is completed within 1 second.

The ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine is widely used in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, home appliances, communications, and electronic appliances. It can weld two or more copper or aluminum wires together.

The advantages of ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine are fast, energy-saving, high welding strength, good conductivity, no spark, and close to cold processing.

The disadvantages of the ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine are that the welded metal parts cannot be too thick (usually less than or equal to 5mm), the welding points cannot be too large, and pressure needs to be applied.

Technical parameters of ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine:

Power: 1500W-5000W

Frequency: 20K

Appearance dimensions: 465 (mm) x 118 (mm) x 113 (mm)

Weight: 20Kg-25Kg

Welding time: ≤ 1 second

Characteristics of Ultrasonic Cable Inductive Welding Machine:

(1) The ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine overlaps two welded objects and combines them into a solid form through ultrasonic vibration pressure bonding. The bonding time is short, and the bonding part does not produce casting structure (rough surface) defects.

(2) Compared with resistance welding methods, ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine has a longer mold life, less time for mold repair and replacement, and is easy to achieve automation.

(3) The ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine can perform ultrasonic welding between different types of metals of the same metal, which consumes much less energy compared to electrical welding.

(4) Compared with other pressure welding methods, ultrasonic cable induction welding machines require lower pressure and deformation of less than 10%, while cold pressure welding requires workpiece deformation of 40% -90%

(5) The ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine uses ultrasonic welding, which does not require pre-treatment of the welded surface and post-weld treatment like other welding methods.

(6) The ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine handles ultrasonic welding without the need for external factors such as flux, metal filler, and external heating.

(7) The ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine can reduce the temperature effect of the material to (the temperature in the welding area does not exceed 50% of the absolute melting temperature of the welded metal), so as not to change the metal structure. Therefore, the ultrasonic cable inductance welding machine is very suitable for welding applications in fields such as automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, motor vehicles, communication, and home appliances.

The ultrasonic cable inductor welding machine is mainly used for welding various cables and inductors. It uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to quickly weld cables and inductors, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenience, and low cost.

Professional products: ultrasonic metal spot welding machinesUltrasonic wire harness welding machineUltrasonic tail sealing welding machine, ultrasonic metal rolling welding machine, and non-standard automation equipment are mainly used in industries such as flat panel solar collectors, automobiles, electronic appliances, packaging, home appliances, toys, communication, and healthcare

No matter if you have any welding difficulties with your products, you are welcome to come to our company (or send the workpiece to our company) for welding and sampling. Our engineers have many years of ultrasonic welding experience and deep understanding of welding processes, which may help you find good welding solutions.


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