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What aspects do copper tube sealing machines need to pay attention to?

Release time:2019-09-11

ultrasonicCopper tube sealmouthmachine 

1. Welding principle of copper tube sealing machine Ultrasonic copper tube sealing machine is a new type of equipment that uses the principle of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration friction to convert the energy of ultrasonic vibration into frictional energy and transfer it to the metal surface to be welded. The copper tube sealing machine applies pressure to it while generating heat through friction, fully activating the metal structure molecules and forming fusion between molecular layers.

2. Welding characteristics of copper tube sealing machine:

1) High welding firmness and fast speed.

2) Good conductivity and low internal resistance after welding.

3) The copper tube sealing machine has no oxidation marks and is beautiful.

4) No need for flux, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

5) The copper pipe sealing machine is spark free for welding, energy-saving and safe, and easy to operate.

3. Scope of application of copper tube sealing machine:

1) Battery electrodes: single point, multi-point, single-layer, multi-layer, square, strip and other welding processes for materials such as nickel strip and copper foil, copper strip and copper foil, copper tube sealing machine, nickel strip and aluminum strip, aluminum to nickel, aluminum strip and aluminum foil, aluminum strip and aluminum cover, aluminum shell and aluminum nickel composite strip.

2)Copper tube sealing machineWelding processes for automotive wiring terminals, automotive wiring harnesses, motor terminals, relay plates, electrolyzers, capacitor plates, carbon brush plates, heat dissipation brackets, copper tubes, copper tubes and aluminum sheets, copper tubes and copper sheets, etc.

It should also be noted that when there is pressure on the pipe, we need to consider how much pressure is, what the diameter of the copper pipe is, and what the wall thickness is. We can seal a copper pipe with a diameter of 6 and a wall thickness of 0.6 millimeters under a pressure of 160 kilograms. If it is an aluminum pipe, the explosive force is about 70 kilograms or less. In addition, after sealing, each industry also has a leakage standard. The refrigerator and air conditioning industry has a leakage standard of 0.1 grams per year, and the industry standards for water dispensers and density relays are also different, mainly depending on the leakage standard required by the industry.

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