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The source of the peeling blade should be selected carefully!

Release time:2019-09-11

  The peeling blade is made of high-quality high wear-resistant high-speed steel material, which has good wear resistance and impact resistance, corresponding to the service life of general high-speed steel several times, and can improve the uniformity and qualification rate of the product. Usually used for ordinary equipment processing, it can be used for high-speed light cutting and can cut various difficult to machine materials.


Deep Source Peeling Blades can be customized according to customer needs, with products referencing industry standards. Cutting edge designs are optimized for different cutting tools and processing conditions, and ultra-high quality cutting tools are manufactured based on strict manufacturing standards and rich experience in tool design and production.


Blade quality, understanding from the source

1. Tell the steel base material that high-speed steel materials have high hardness, wear resistance, red hardness, tempering resistance, and stability

2. Ice calcination process, with excellent hardness and sharpness, as well as toughness and corrosion resistance

3. Blade design, the blade adopts a double-edged design to determine a more wear-resistant edge, and adopts a suitable high-speed cutting blade design

4. High quality characteristics, high red thermal hardness, high wear resistance and cutting ability, high impact toughness, fine and uniform grain size, and high toughness


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