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How can automated welding machines improve production efficiency on production lines?

Release time:2021-01-07

Assuming that the enterprise needs to use the system of industrial robots, the first thing to do is to analyze its own production process and understand its own needs. Analyze and understand your own needs.

Listen and carefully understand your own needs

The application of automation system is used in equipment production workshops for manufacturing, with the aim of maximizing the power ratio between product production and quality control. We need to go to the production department to understand the production process. We need to discuss which processes are the shortcomings of the production process and which processes can be automated to replace manual labor. Combine the short-term needs of the enterprise with the long-term policy, and analyze the investment rewards based on this. Don't just superficially see today or a few years from now and decide on the equipment you need to buy based on it.

B Cultivate and recruit talents

Assuming the demand for skill transformation, there must be corresponding skilled talents in the demand. There will inevitably be many equipment in the automation equipment workshop, and the company's talent demand requires quick learning and quick understanding of the integrator's system.

C Clarify the responsible party

Both integrators and end-users are responsible for ensuring the normal and error free production process. Integrators provide equipment that meets customer requirements based on demand, with expert level experience. The customer is responsible for providing the relevant information required for the production equipment.

Select reliable system integrators

The integration of industrial robot automation has not been in China for many years, and currently there is no reliable level of integrator in China. Therefore, we cannot maintain our selection based on these associations or official certifications.

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