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You must know these principles when purchasing ultrasonic metal spot welding machines!

Release time:2019-09-10

Today, with the increasing use of automation equipment, more and more manufacturing manufacturers need to purchaseUltrasonic metal spot welding machineAt the same time, many times I don't know how to choose and understand ultrasonic metal spot welding machines. So, let Shenzhen Shenfayuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. talk to you

Firstly, the working principle of a spot welding machine

Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine uses the principle of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration friction to convert the energy of ultrasonic vibration into frictional energy and transfer it to the metal surface to be welded. Spot welding is the process of welding individual points on the contact surface of the welded part at the joint, and applying pressure to them while generating heat through friction, fully activating the metal structural molecules and forming fusion between molecular layers. The metal in the hottest central area is quickly heated to a high plasticity or melting state, forming a lens shaped liquid melt pool. Continue to maintain pressure, disconnect the current, and after the metal cools, a solder joint is formed.

Secondly, the equipment characteristics of spot welding machines

1. Adopting a brand new overall design, it has a small volume, light weight, and beautiful appearance;

2. Easy to operate, no need to add auxiliary materials, fast welding speed, and high energy efficiency;

3. Self owned intellectual property welding heads, comparable to world famous brands, reduce usage costs;

4. Easy to operate, built-in electronic protection circuit, safe to use;

5. Used for the same type of welding of metals, capable of performing single or multi-point welding on non-ferrous metals.

Also, the application areas of spot welding machines

1. Welding of multi-layer positive and negative electrodes in power batteries, and welding of nickel mesh and nickel sheets in nickel hydrogen batteries;

2. Welding of copper foil and nickel sheets for lithium batteries and polymer batteries, welding of aluminum foil and aluminum sheets, and welding of aluminum sheets and nickel sheets;

3. Car wiring harness, wire head forming, wire welding, multiple wires welding into wire joints, copper and aluminum wire conversion;

4. Welding of wires, cables, electronic components, contacts, connectors, and terminals;

5. Solar cells, flat solar heat absorbing panels, aluminum-plastic composite tubes roll welding, copper and aluminum plate splicing;

6. Welding of high current contacts, contacts, and dissimilar metal sheets such as electromagnetic switches and fuse less switches.

Suitable for instant welding of non-ferrous metal materials such as copper, aluminum, tin, nickel, gold, silver, molybdenum, stainless steel, thin plates, thin rods, wires, sheets, strips, etc., with a total thickness of 2-4mm; Widely used in industries such as automotive interiors, electronics, appliances, motors, refrigeration equipment, hardware products, batteries, solar energy, transportation equipment, toys, etc.
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